It’s a reality that our lives can be busy, and it’s important that we are intentional about the time we take to rest in God’s presence and see what He has for us. Join us in the Family Life Center for Quiet Days. No sign up is necessary…just show up! This could be the best 2 hours of your week.
Our 2018 Regional Conference is coming up. We are excited to have Phil Strout, National Director of Vineyard USA and Alan Scott from the Anaheim Vineyard bring us powerful messages. For more information and to register, click this link: SW Conference
It’s not too early to plan for the Fall! The Radiate Women’s Fall Retreat is coming up in September. For more information, check out the Radiate Women’s page for more info by clicking this link: Radiate Women’s Ministry
Every month, we open up our Family Life Center to provide the homeless with dinner and a place to spend the night. We can always use help with meal donations. For more information, stay tuned on the website or see the signup in the lobby.