Groups at the Vineyard

Although coming together as a church to worship on the weekend is very valuable, we believe real-life transformation is found most often in the context of community. It’s in community that we know and are known by others, that we build relationships, do life together, and are transformed to be more like Jesus and equipped to transform the world around us (neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, cities, etc.).
We aim to facilitate this kind of transformational community through various groups.

Life Groups

Life Groups are at the core of our church. They are available throughout the year at various places in our community. Worship, scripture and prayer are essential elements of any Life Group. Also, most groups often choose to add a social justice component to their group – whether it’s working with homeless people, preparing food for starving children, helping people in their neighborhood, or raising money for an organization or cause.

Social Groups

These groups meet together around a common interest, activity, sport or stage of life. In the past we’ve had Social Groups that were about everything from playing basketball, going out to dinner, or hiking.