Heart For The Nations

Go into all the world

To make a faith promise/pledge to this year’s Heart for the Nations Missions Offering click here: Heart for the Nations Pledge Form.
Heart For The Nations is our missions ministry at Vineyard Gilbert. We are involved in a number of different ways with many full and part-time missionaries, in several world areas. We have one major emphasis each year in November where an offering and pledges are received that support much of the mission ministry we do throughout the year. We call this our Heart For The Nations Mission Offering.
In the Vineyard, we encourage local churches to become part of a “mission partnership” with other local churches. This allows each church to focus their ministry in a world area they are called to and to do so in partnership with other local churches who have a similar interest in the same area.  At VCC, we are involved in two mission partnerships: 
Himalayan Region Vineyards:
We partner with several Vineyard churches (mostly from Vineyard Canada) for church planting, education and training, leadership development and various other ministries, such as rescuing children at risk in the villages of the Himalayan mountains. Here at VCC, we now have five young people in the Kathmandu, Nepal Vineyard church that we support and educate on a monthly basis. Ministry trips to the Himalayan region are quite involved, but for those who qualify, it is a life changing experience.
Chilean Vineyard Partnership:
This partnership is focused on leadership, ministry and worship training, along with a strong emphasis in church planting. The Chilean Partnership includes several Vineyard churches from the USA, and provides an opportunity for lay people and key leaders to experience ministry/mission trips in that world area.

There are several other expressions of mission ministry at VCC:

  • Ministry to Native Americans
  • Human Trafficking
  • Short term ministry team trips to Puerto Penasco, Mexico
  • Church planting and children’s ministry in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Pioneering mission work in Angola, Africa
  • Various countries and regions throughout the Middle East and Africa that are predominately Muslim (through missionaries we are in relationship with in those areas)
  • Peace Catalyst, International
  • Aid Child / ministry to and care for children with AIDS in Uganda, Africa
  • RAIN Ministry (focused on First Nations Peoples)

Here at VCC, we have a heart to see God’s Kingdom expanded in the regions and nations of the world.  It is not merely a slogan. It requires major amounts of our time, energy and money on an annual basis.  It is our way of being involved in kingdom ministry across the street, and around the world.