About Dr. Karl Lehman

& The Immanuel Approach

Immanuel means “God with us.” This promise is the foundation of a growing movement of lay ministers and professionals who are using the Immanuel approach to deepen intimacy with God, discern God’s ongoing guidance, and resolve past pain. This method is based on current brain science interpreted through Scripture and proven by repeated applications over the last fourteen years. The Immanuel approach has been developed by Dr Lehman and Dr. E. James Wilder working together in close collaboration, and Dr. Lehman remains one of the foremost experts regarding this new, exciting approach to life and emotional healing.

The Conferences:

Immanuel Approach Basic Conference, Tuesday through Thursday (November 12-14). Participants will receive teaching about basic-intermediate Immanuel approach principles and tools. (The importance of relational circuits, how appreciation turns them on, how our brains have been designed to work best in community, how our relationships are memory-mapped, how we can apply all of this brain science to establish interactive connections with the living presence of Jesus, very basic theory regarding resolution of psychological trauma, and how to facilitate healing for trauma in the context of an Immanuel session.) Participants will see these principles and tools modeled in video clips and live demonstrations, and they will then practice applying these principles and tools in “hands on” group exercises.
Immanuel Approach Intermediate/Advanced Conference, Friday and Saturday (November 15 and 16). In this conference, Dr. Lehman will provide teaching and modeling regarding intermediate-advanced principles and tools for identifying and resolving blockages when recipients are having difficulty connecting with Jesus, for other troubleshooting challenges, for identifying and resolving confusion, accidental counterfeits, and deliberate counterfeits that contaminate connections with Jesus, and for using the Immanuel Approach safety nets in difficult situations.


Vineyard Community Church
601 S. Cooper Rd.
Gilbert, Arizona 85233


BASIC: $280 early registration (early registration ends Sept 1), $300 regular registration (ends Oct 28), $330 late registration (Through Nov 12). Plus the cost of meal boxes for those who preorder them ($10 each, Mon, Tues, Wed – or bring your own lunch).
INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED: $180 early registration (early registration ends Sept 1), $200 regular registration (ends Oct 31), $230 late registration (Nov 1 through 15). Plus the cost of meal boxes for those who pre-order them ($10 each, Fri & Sat lunches).
Note: $50 discount for combined basic and Intermediate-Advanced

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