Kingdom Living

Here at the Vineyard, we believe that we have been commissioned to  proclaim the good news of the kingdom bearing witness to the already and not yet of the kingdom of God in words, deeds, and the ways we live our lives. This is something that saturates every aspect of our lives with compassion and deeds of mercy and love: in our worship, locally in our homes, communities, in the marketplace, as well as in our efforts globally.

Transformed by Christ

As a community of people following Jesus, in worship, and prayer, we long for the Kingdom of God to come in our lives, relationships, work, and play, and we believe that the way that the Kingdom shows itself in our lives is through His grace at work in and through us: spending time in His presence (spiritual formation), learning how to do the things that Jesus did (being equipped), and stepping out in faith, sharing love and compassion with those in our lives throughout the week.

In Community

Here at the Vineyard we place a high priority on growing in relationship with God, growing in relationship with others, and growing in our engagement with Christ’s mission in the world. This is why we offer Life Groups, opportunities for spiritual formation, and opportunities to engage in demonstrating God’s power and love by serving our community.

For The World


Serving Locally

We believe that we are called to love our neighbors, and very often that literally means the person next door. Vineyard Gilbert is engaging our community in some fun, exciting, and meaningful ways. Click the button to learn more.

Reaching Globally

Global Missions here at Vineyard Gilbert, we have a heart to see God’s Kingdom expanded in the regions and nations of the world. It is not merely a slogan. It requires major amounts of our time, energy and money on an annual basis. It is our way of being involved in kingdom ministry, not only across the street, but  around the world.