Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation is the journey of becoming like Jesus. According to Paul (Rom. 8:29), we have been destined to become like His Son. A major feature of spiritual formation is the adoption of proven practices (e.g. silence, solitude, sabbath, transformational reading of the Scriptures,…) that posture us before God and intentionally offer Him access to our lives for the purpose of shaping us into the image of Christ. We cannot change our hearts, but as we consistently place ourselves before Him He does the work of transformation within us. We then reflect the love of God to a world in desperate need of receiving it.

Quiet Days

Quiet Days is a time we set aside each month for guided contemplative prayer for our local church and our neighboring communities. One Saturday a month, from 9 am – 11 am, we gather to reflect upon our hearts in the presence of God, silence our thoughts to hear God’s voice, and still ourselves that we may “know God” (Ps. 46:10). No previous experience in contemplative prayer is needed to join others for this time of looking into the face of God and allowing ourselves to be seen by Him. Check the Upcoming Events page for our next scheduled Quiet Days.

Immanuel Prayer

Immanuel is a model of prayer designed to bring Christ’s healing to the broken, wounded, and painful areas of our hearts and lives. Unresolved pain is one of the major obstacles to becoming the person God intended us to be. If you feel you are in need of prayer in this area of your life, contact the church office for an appointment 480-892-5828.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an ancient ministry in the care of souls. A spiritual director is someone who will sit with you in God’s presence and help you notice the work of God in your life. Susan Philips (author of Candlelight) says, “When we meet with a spiritual director or a spiritual friend, we learn about ourselves in the presence of a person who communicates God’s infinite interest in us.” A spiritual director is someone who companions you on your journey with God. If you are interested in meeting with a spiritual director, contact the church office.

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Sustainable Faith: School of Direction

For almost a decade now, Sustainable Faith (www.sustainablefaith.com) has been working toward a culture of sustainability in the vocational work of pastors and leaders. Originally based in a Convent in Norwood, Ohio (Cincinnati area) and under the leadership of Dave & Jody Nixon, Sustainable Faith hosts retreats, nurtures conversations, educates leaders, trains spiritual directors, and helps faith communities pursue an active life from a deep place.
The School of Spiritual Direction (SOSD) serves one part of the larger mission of Sustainable Faith: to cultivate excellent pastoral care and deeper spiritual formation within the local church. We look forward to the day when spiritual direction is regarded as a normal and vital ministry of the local church, not something that’s hard to find or outsourced to more contemplative groups.
The Schools of Sustainable Faith guide people to embrace the contemplative life. They help people honor sabbath and observe life-giving rhythms. They draw us toward healthy, embodied spiritual practices. They nurture self-awareness and vocational clarity. They launch kingdom enterprises.
Sustainable Faith currently (2015) has first and second year training groups in 24 American cities (including Phoenix) and the Netherlands. Our goals are to place qualified spiritual directors in local churches, grow the practice of group spiritual direction in churches, and make this a widely available form of pastoral care.