Our Transform Series is a key part of understanding the culture of our church and becoming part of the VCC community. We encourage you to go through this experience to learn and grow in your understanding of what it means to follow Jesus and live a transformed life. The Transformation Series is made up of three separate classes (known as Formation, Community, and Mission). Each component consists of an eight-week, small group and self-guided follow-up, where you will watch a video and work on a small homework assignment weekly. These three core classes cover essential topics like:
  • Formation: Being transformed in your character
  • Community: Living in community in the body of Christ
  • Mission: Using your gifts and living out of your calling
The Transform series is not linear. You can start wherever you like — with Formation, Community, or Mission. Once you finish one series, you can move on to another at your own pace.
The Transform audio and video talks can be found under the Media tab of our website.