Worship Ministry

Worshipping God is our highest priority at the Vineyard. Humanity was created for the purpose of worship and relationship with our Creator. Though worship is certainly more than a musical expression, it is that as well. We begin each of our services with a time of musical, heartfelt, sincere, and intimate worship. Many testify to a significant encounter with God during this time.

Free to be yourself

As you worship with us, you are free to sit, stand, kneel, raise your hands, and not raise your hands. We encourage you in our times of worship to engage intimately with the Lord.


At the Vineyard we value the rich heritage of songs that have been written over the years from within the Vineyard movement, as well as current songs that seem to be resonating in the larger Body of Christ. In addition to that, we also encourage original worship compositions that have been written from within our body. On a Sunday morning, you may see this variety at play.
To hear an example of the types of songs that we sing at Vineyard Gilbert, check out our worship and ministry song playlists on Spotify (Click on the Links).